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Saturday, February 4, 2012

All About Friendship .

Assalamualaikum .


I won’t say we have the perfect friendship,

Since neither of us are saints,
We have our good days also bad,
We fight and fall out,
It would go on, may be days,
But what matters at the end,
I know you are part of my world,
You know I will always be true,
So I think  we are going to be just fine
Life is a battlefield ; we fight our own wars,
Its natural we get tired everyday,
We need moral support,
A hand to hold, holding the fort,
When we feel melancholic and troubled
God want us to be friends,
It’s proven more than once,
We have come a long way,
From a day far away,
We’d be friends and I’m glad we are still friends .

I love all of my friends . BFF - Nurhadaina 'Inani , Fatin Farisha Alia , Wan Nor Amalina , Siti Normaslina , Iszwanie Syahira , Nurul Syahida , Nurul Faezah , Nur Aliya Nazirah , Nor Evika Ardilla , Farah Nadhirah , Nur Amira Adila , Nabilah , Fatin Nadhirah .
Classmates and also tuitionmates and also my ex-classmates , 4BRILLIANT also Form 5 students of TePCES batch '95 and lastly my ex-primary school batch '95 year 2006 . 

iloveyou all and never forget me . i'll miss you when all of us grown up and forget all the memories . bye .

Dear  , 
ME .

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