" Be amazing . Be good . Be pretty . Be strong . Be smart . Be cool . But the most important is , be YOURSELF "
Don't ask what the meaning of life is.

You define it.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Between us

You fight but u still want to be together..

You try to stay away but u still search for
each other..

You hang the phone but u still wanna

You ignore the words but still they mean to you.

You say you hate but you still love.

You talk rude but u feel bad

You collect the smallest things

You remember the dates.

You shed tears for the bad time.

You are sad when you are ignored.

You feel jealous and unsecure.

You know you could do better than
what he knows.

You know still there is some good part in you he don't know.

You do things he don't even know.

You try to explain things but you can't

You are angry but that is coz you know
you want to make it big but you can't

Sometimes its hard to explain the complexity of love and you just loose
it in the middle.

Some things are so hard to explain and
when it becomes more harder you try to
stay away and stop searching for the
answer and while going away you just break yourself.

But then you feel you lost something so
precious so why not to get that back?

If it's not today ..may be the day will
come never..maybe you will have no
where to go.

Keep your mind cool.
Forget about the
past ...

Give your relation another try.
Cut your past like a thread and set
another initial point.
Don't wait for the other to start when
you can yourself.

Dont let your love go... ♥♥

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