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You define it.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

choices .

No one can escape from making choices in life. No one can deny that life is all about making choices. There are millions of choices in life and despite of all of them, there is a hidden story in the future that nobody knows what it is. Sometimes, when we make a choice, we think that this is probably the last chance of making it, but, at the time we make that choice there are still other options to choose that may happen to be more complicated. Each option has its own risk. Each risk can lead to other problem and each problem sometimes can be catastrophic.
Early in the morning, we already started making choices. For example, when the alarm clock started ringing in the morning, I have to choose whether to turn it off, or to wake up straight away to take a shower. But, of course, I would prefer to turn off the alarm and continue dreaming. Hihi
It is not a life if there are no choices to make.
I love this topic and I feel like there is more to write about ‘choices’. But, I choose to stop here. Hihi. By the way, do you believe in karma? I do.

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